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Rasha's Sedevacantism Debate on PalTalk

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Rasha's Sedevacantism Debate on PalTalk

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 19, 2010 1:47 am

RashaLampa: Hi

Traddy: hi

RashaLampa: Listening to the Dimonds, eh?

Traddy: can you hear the audio ?

RashaLampa: yeah

Traddy: great

RashaLampa: Are you one of the Dimonds?

Traddy: no

RashaLampa: I saw on CathInfo that this forum exists

RashaLampa: I mean this chat room

Traddy: Yes

RashaLampa: So you are a Sede then?

RashaLampa: I am a non-Sedevacantist and a Feeneyite

Traddy: I am not a sedevacantist

RashaLampa: Oh I see...

RashaLampa: Are you a Feeneyite?

Traddy: I make no judgement as to whether Benedict is or is not the true Pope

Traddy: I am a Feeneyite


Traddy: I do not accept Benedict as being the true Pope, nor do I reject him as being the true Pope,..I am undecided

RashaLampa: Have you ever been over to the Pascendi forum?

RashaLampa: That is my favorite hang-out

Traddy: I have seen Pascendi's website and listened to his videos on Youtube

Traddy: he is a heretic

RashaLampa: heretic?

RashaLampa: In what way?

Traddy: he believes that the anti-popes began in the early 20th century

RashaLampa: no no

Traddy: or late 19 century

RashaLampa: we are not talking about the same guy here

Traddy: Thats what I had seen on his website


Traddy: hmmm

RashaLampa: You are talking about

RashaLampa: that other dude

RashaLampa: CM

Traddy: whats his Youtube name ?

RashaLampa: the guy that was banned from CathInfo

RashaLampa: I don't know what his youtube name is exactly but he doesn't really have any religious youtube videos

RashaLampa: they are mostly videos of flying model airplanes

RashaLampa: and stuff

Traddy: really ?

Traddy: then we must be speaking of two different persons

RashaLampa: He is a non-sedevacantist Feeneyite like me

RashaLampa: So has anyone come into your room?

RashaLampa: other than me?

Traddy: are you agnostic as to whether Benedict is a true Pope, or are you completely against the position by some traditional Catholics that the seat of Peter is empty ?

RashaLampa: I believe that there must be some kind of legal process to determine

RashaLampa: if a Pope is in formal heresy

Traddy: a few have come into my room and left,..but most all so called "catholics" in Paltalk are modernist Novus Ordo so called "catholics"

RashaLampa: I mean even the Council of Florence says that we can go to those priests for sacraments who have not been excommunicated by name.

Traddy: actually Canon law says that any heretic automatically loses their office in the Church ipso facto without any Church Declaration

RashaLampa: If the Pope could never be a heretic wouldn't everything he says be infallible?

RashaLampa: Then there would be no use for distinguishing what is ex-cathedra and what is not.

RashaLampa: Because everything would be guaranteed not to be heretical.

RashaLampa: I think to lose his office formal heresy would have to be determined

RashaLampa: but until someone is actually brought up on trial how do we know if the heresy is formal or not?

RashaLampa: Vatican II Popes say stuff that can be taken every which way

Traddy: a Pope can say something that is not infallible before any dogma is already established without being a heretic, but once dogma is established by the Church, then any Catholic who rejects even just one dogma automatically ex-communicates themselves from the Church ipso facto

RashaLampa: Ok I get your point

Traddy: how can anyone claim Benedict is just a material heretic ? Obviously he would be a formal heretic since he sites past dogmas of the Church and then rejects those dogmas,..though I will still not claim he is a heretic

Traddy: I won't judge him

RashaLampa: Yeah but I think that the problem with modernism

RashaLampa: is it is more of a theological method than a

RashaLampa: doctrine per se.

RashaLampa: So priests who are formed in it think they are allowed to hold contrary opinions in their mind.

RashaLampa: SO that is why Pope Benedict will say weird stuff

Traddy: any theological belief put forth which contradicts any Church Dogma is to be seen as a heretical belief

RashaLampa: but then say that you need to interpret Vatican II according to tradition

RashaLampa: Yes, I agree

RashaLampa: but again materially heretical

RashaLampa: in most cases

RashaLampa: For example a lot of people think EENS is not true

RashaLampa: because Fr. Feeney was "excommunicated"

RashaLampa: Yet if the Pope came out and clarified it they would submit

RashaLampa: to the dogmatic definitions

Traddy: there is no way possible Benedict could be considered to be only a material heretic since he knows Catholic dogmatic teachings and rejects them

Traddy: he-- would have to be seen as a formal heretic

RashaLampa: Well he's never really been questioned on it

RashaLampa: It's like that whole "subsists" thing with Vatican II

RashaLampa: after 40 years the CDF finally came out and said that "subsists" really means "is"

RashaLampa: The Church of Christ "subsists" in the Catholic Church

Traddy: would you say that Jim Jones was a heretic ?

RashaLampa: Was he a baptized Catholic?

RashaLampa: originally?

Traddy: don't know

RashaLampa: From wikipedia it looks like he was just a pagan

Traddy: would you say protestants are heretics ?

RashaLampa: Yes.

Traddy: have you questioned every single protestant to come to that conclusion ?

RashaLampa: But again some of them could be material heretics

RashaLampa: even the Dimonds agree with that

RashaLampa: The question really is when does a baptized person become a non-Catholic

Traddy: but you can't claim Benedict is a material heretic because he knows Catholic teaching

RashaLampa: How do I know that he knows it?

RashaLampa: Maybe he received crappy seminary formation.

RashaLampa: maybe Cardinal Ratzinger received bad seminary formation

Traddy: because Benedict has written many books on Catholic teaching and is a theological scholar of the Church,...he has stated dogmatic teachings of the Church and then later rejects those same dogmas in his statements

Then we got interrupted by someone else coming into the chatroom


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Re: Rasha's Sedevacantism Debate on PalTalk

Post  Catholic_Truth on Sun Dec 19, 2010 3:29 am

Hi Rasha

I'm the traditional Catholic you were having that discussion with in Paltalk. I had gone to that Pascendi forum you told me about and I saw the thread about it coming to an end and you starting up a new Catholic Forum. So here I am. Very Happy

(by the way, to everyone who reads this thread,..I am not a sede-vacantist, but was simply giving the position of how the sedes see things. I personally make no judgement on Benedict.)

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Re: Rasha's Sedevacantism Debate on PalTalk

Post  Guest on Sun Dec 19, 2010 7:57 am

Oh hi....welcome to the forum. I changed our names up above. I just wanted the input of the forum participants here on our discussion.


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Re: Rasha's Sedevacantism Debate on PalTalk

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