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Post  simple Faith on Fri Feb 18, 2011 6:42 pm

I know from my readings on this site that there are a lot of well read and learned members here who have acquired much valuable information concerning the formal teachings of the Catholic Church. Despite many heated debates and differing view points on certain matters, I still detect an almost unanimous feeling of disdain among members here towards the many nauseating trendy practices that have crept into The Mass (and probably other sacraments also) that have absolutely no official authority to be taking place.

Before I go any further I should state that I personally attend the Novus Ordo Mass and accept it as valid, that does not mean I like or support the additions or ommisions that individual priests make to the Mass. I also do not believe that The Pope is to blame for all this although I guess many here will disagree with me on that point.

I wonder if it would be possible to compile a list, of maybe the top 10 most common and definitely prohibited practices during Mass which have been witnessed by forum members. If any members could then refer me to the exact Church documents that prohibits each practice, ( I know a lot of members are expert at this) I would then like to compile this in to a short and straight forward format that could be presented to clergy by a lay person. Not that I believe all clergy will take heed but I do believe many clergy are genuinely unaware of the wrong that they are doing and at least some would amend their behaviours if they knew that official Church law existed and prohibited these practices. (I would be happy even if only one priest changed a wrong practice).
I know many Mass attenders like myself have a sense of uneasiness about some new practices but don't have the certain knowledge or confidence to actually address the issue with the priest.
However I would be particularly interested to hear of practices that are most definitely wrong as opposed to practices that are likely to be open to debate (maybe I'm being too optimistic here).

Maybe then a short bullet point letter sent or emailed to every priest, which listed the 10 most serious mistakes (not sure of correct term) in the Mass with a reference link to relevant Church law would put the genuinely misguided priests back on track or at least make them ponder and question their actions.

Any help on this matter would be appreciated and might even unite us for a while before we can go back to fighting from our own corners, LOL.

To kick the ball off on this topic my personally concerns are :
*Communion on the hand (although I don't think that this breaks any law so probably will not make the top 10 list).
*Saturday vigil Mass (again I don't think this is prohibited so won't make the list either)
*Changing gender related language eg changing the word 'man' (I think this is not permitted, but not sure).
*The priest inviting the congregation to to 'self communicate' by picking up the chalice from the altar. ( I'm almost certain that this is not permitted but I have seen it happen often).

Your own experinces and thoughts are appreciated even if like myself you are unsure of the official Church position.
simple Faith

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Post  Guest on Fri Feb 18, 2011 10:04 pm

The problem is most of the things which we would classify as abuses are approved. Some of the neo-cons will say that the Pope was "forced" to allow such novelties as altar girls and communion in the hand.


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Post  Guest on Sat Feb 19, 2011 2:02 pm

QuoPrimum is right most of the "abuses" are officially approved.

But I can give you a list of my top most pet-peevez:

1. Communion in the hand.
We can't touch paintings in a museum which gives them a sense of "sacredness", but more importantly every partial is the Body of Christ and by the rubrics the Priest has to wash his fingers after distributing communion, so NO particles are stuck to his fingers. So where is the logic if the layperson doesn't (those receiving or distributing) have to wash his hand but the priest does?

2.Altar girls-women lectures- women sacristans- no head covering.
No man wants to join a woman's club, eg.: sewing club, romance novel book club, chick-flick movie club. But woman always want to join men's clubs! We get effeminate priests by making priestly ministry a sissy's club.

3. Confession-times.
Everything changed after Vat II but the time for confession. 3PM on Saturday was nice for the 1950's when most people had Saturdays off back then but now it is really hard for the average worker to have off Saturday. How is he to go to confession? Only Trad parishes have confessions on Sunday! The one LOGICAL day to have confessions! That is when most people go to Church. In the 1950 churches were with-in walking distance but suburbia made it a trip to go to church. American priests are pretty lazy when it comes to confession.
Poland for example has confessions before every mass!! Even weekdays! Wasn't parish councils created o free-up priests' time to do the things ONLY he can do, like the sacraments? It was really a joke when last year was the year of St. John Vianney(Cure Of Ars) and a priest said from the pulpit: "I have decided to hear confessions anytime during the day just make an appointment." I am sure the Cure of Ars didn't take appointments. He sat in the confessional and waited. What big sinner wants to make an appointment? that brings me to

4. Face to face confession.
I don't want to see the priest nor he me. I think a lot of the sex scandal stuff could have been avoided if face to face was banned,IMHO. Face to face just causes to tempt the priest and is a great way to profile, for predators. Yes I know it is excommunicable to use confession like that, but it is TOTALLY unnecessary change to see the confessee. Plus the old way also protected the priest from unstable people accusing them because there is a WALL between them NO HUGGING!

5.Tabernacle --where is it?
I think we should go back to the tabernacle on the altar, and the priest's back to the people.

There should be a standard traditional melody for : Gloria, Lamb of God, Creed, and Our Father. The reason they changed to trendy songs is all about money. The liturgical hymn business is bigger money than rock an roll. But Protestants couldn't make money from a billion Catholics, because Catholics had only old non copyright music. So got them to buy buy buy!! Put the choir back in loft! It is distracting in front of the church especially the way some of them dress.

7. Precommunion fast? IS there?
Have at least and hour BEFORE mass time scheduled you are going to go to and not just and hour before communion or go back to the 3 hour fast before communion.

there's more but maybe later LOL


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