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cool JPI don't hear this much

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cool JPI don't hear this much

Post  Guest on Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:37 pm

I just found this on Catholivox:

Monday, April 18, 2011

John Paul I - Only in the Church is salvation

Sunday, 27 August 1978

the ship is tossed about, it is still a ship. It carries the disciples
and it receives Christ. Yes, it is tossed on the sea but without it,
one would immediately perish" (Sermon 75,3; PL 38, 475). Only in the Church is salvation: without it one perishes!

Pope John Paul I --Christ and the Church are only one thing.

Not a Pope we heare from too much but this is interesting:

Wednesday, 13 September 1978

"My mother used to tell me when I was a boy: "When you
were little, you were very ill. I had to take you from one doctor to
another and watch over you whole nights; do you believe me?" How could I
have said: "I don't believe you, Mamma"? "Of course I believe, I
believe what you tell me, but I believe especially in you."
so it is in faith. It is not just a question of believing in the
things that God revealed, but in him who deserves our faith, who has
loved us so much and done so much for our sake.
is also difficult to accept some truths, because the truths of faith
are of two kinds; some pleasant, others unpalatable to our spirit.
example, it is pleasant to hear that God has so much tenderness for
us, even more tenderness than a mother has for her children, as Isaiah
says. How pleasant and congenial it is! There was a great French
bishop, Dupanloup, who used to say to the rectors of seminaries: "with
the future priests, be fathers, be mothers". It is agreeable. Other
truths, on the contrary, are hard to accept. God must punish, if I
resist. He runs after me, he begs me to repent and I say: "No!" I
almost force him to punish me. This is not agreeable. But it is a truth
of faith. And there is a last difficulty, the Church. St Paul asked:
"Who are you, Lord?" —"I am that Jesus whom you are persecuting". A
light, a flash, crossed his mind. I do not persecute Jesus, I don't
even know him: I persecute the Christians. It is clear that Jesus and the Christians, Jesus and the Church are the same thing: indissoluble, inseparable.
Read St Paul: "Corpus Christi quod est Ecclesia". Christ and the Church are only one thing. Christ is the Head, we, the Church, are his limbs. It is not possible to have faith and to say, "I believe in Jesus, I accept Jesus but I do not accept the Church."
We must accept the Church, as she is. And what is this Church like?
Pope John called her "Mater et Magistra". Teacher also. St Paul said:
"Let everyone accept us as Christ's aids and stewards and dispensers of
his mysteries."
When the poor Pope, when the
bishops, the priests, propose the doctrine, they are merely helping
Christ. It is not our doctrine, it is Christ's; we must just guard it
and present it."


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