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He said what?

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He said what?

Post  tornpage on Fri Jun 03, 2011 7:44 pm

I think someone (Rasha) might have posted this already somewhere, but it bears repeating:

"This mistranslation always troubled me for another reason, a most important one. Before the words of consecration are uttered by the priest, he says over the host: “And [Jesus] said . . .” This is how the account reads of the consecration of the wine in the Gospel of Saint Matthew: “Jesus . . . took the chalice, giving thanks, and gave to them saying: Drink this all of you . . .”

Do you see how grave is this mistranslation? In Persona Christi, the priest is saying that Jesus is saying something He did not say, namely, that this Blood of the “New Testament” is to be shed for “all.” I do not want to raise the issue of the universal sufficiency of Christ’s Blood to save all men, which all Catholics affirm. I do not even raise the contrasting issue of efficacious saving grace here, which benefits only the elect (“the many”), which so many brilliant theologians have done who objected to the mistranslation. Nor am I questioning the validity of the consecration with the vernacular Novus Ordo’s use of the term “all.” I accept its validity. I must accept it.

No! What I am highlighting here with these comments is very simple, and disturbing, perhaps more disturbing on account the New Mass’s validity. It is this: At the most solemn moment of the vernacular Mass, the priest, in the Name of Christ, is saying that Jesus said something that He did not say.

Thank you, Pope Benedict, for mandating this correction."

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Re: He said what?

Post  columba on Fri Jun 03, 2011 8:55 pm

That one word "All" highlights the arogance of this topsy turvy world where man knows better than God. The Mass is meant to be the perfect prayer so how be that such a gross imperfection was permitted to enter. It is an imperfection. If it weren't there'd be no need to rectify it. But what of the many other "minor" imperfections. Will they too be dealt with. Like e.g, returning to ad orientem?

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