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More Eucharistic Flash Mobs???

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More Eucharistic Flash Mobs???

Post  Guest on Tue Aug 02, 2011 2:05 pm

A priest that I am friends with on Facebook is planning a Eucharistic flash mob.

Here are some of my comments on the whole matter:

Should the Blessed Sacrament be transported in a duffel bag? Canon law regulates certain rules for transportation of the Blessed Sacrament as well as how many candles must be lit during exposition. I agree with Bill, go with a traditional procession or do the flash mob with a statue.

I think we all agree that the intentions of those who do Eucharistic flash mobs are good, so let's just get that out of the way. The real question is if the Eucharist is an evangelization tool. I think it is notable that in the Liturgy (even in the Novus Ordo) we ask catechumens to leave the Church before the consecration. Also in the Byzantine Liturgy, they say "The Doors! The Doors!" "Let the catechumens depart!" In other words the tradition of the Church did not even let catechumens be present in the church for the consecration. So that makes me wonder...if the church asks those who are already asking to be Catholic (catechumens) to leave for the consecration would not the flash mob be going against this tradition? I mean has the "flash mob" had any precedence in the tradition of the Church? Certainly many saints did missions to the pagans but I don't think they were introduced to the Blessed Sacrament until they were actually baptized. I would like to know what any Byzantine Catholic or Eastern Orthodox thinks about this practice. Again I think the fundamental problem is the way traditionalists and Byzantine Catholics approach liturgy and devotions vs. the way what some would call "conservative Catholics" approach it. Flash mob did not start out as a Catholic thing, it started off more secular, then you had those Protestants singing Handel's Messiah in the shopping Mall (which I thought was actually pretty good). I think any renewal in the Church is going to begin with the priests offering confessions 20 min before every Mass (even daily) and equipping the lay people to evangelize in their families, schools, jobs, and work places. The flash mob may be well intentioned but I agree with Bill it is a one time deal with a lot of publicity and probably very little follow up.


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Re: More Eucharistic Flash Mobs???

Post  Roguejim on Tue Aug 02, 2011 4:53 pm

This is a new one on me. Can you post a link to one of these " eucharistic flash mobs"? I'm getting pi**ed just thinking about it...

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Re: More Eucharistic Flash Mobs???

Post  columba on Tue Aug 02, 2011 5:12 pm


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Re: More Eucharistic Flash Mobs???

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