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Eucharistic Miracle in Poland

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Eucharistic Miracle in Poland

Post  otremer6 on Mon Oct 03, 2011 6:56 pm

Eucharistic Miracle in Poland: Confirmed by Doctors
Edit: remember the possibly miraculous Host which was put in a ciborium as is customary and wouldn't dissolve but actually developed red specks on it that look like blood? The possible miracle being referred to was at St. Augustine's Parish [Soon to be dissolved by the Archdiocese] in South St. Paul Minnesota. As of yet there is still no report back, but in the case of this Polish Host, two Doctors have determined that the specks were actually heart tissue. This event occurred back in 2008. Here's the story:

Roman Catholics in Poland gathered Sunday for a special Mass celebrating what they see as a miracle: the appearance on a communion wafer of a dark spot that they are convinced is part of the heart of Jesus.

The communion wafer [It's a Consecrated Host] in question developed a brown spot in 2008 after falling on the floor during a Mass in the eastern Polish town of Sokolka. Two medical doctors determined that the spot was heart muscle tissue, church officials have said.


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