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Third Secret Of Fatima?

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Third Secret Of Fatima?

Post  Guest on Sun Jan 29, 2012 2:31 am

Sorry, thought I’d start a new thread, kinda getting of topic on the last one.

What bother me George are the following testimonials stating that the third secret be opened at Sr. Lucy’s death or in 1960, which ever would come first, “because the Blessed Virgin wishes it so.” The Vatican’s version of the third secret makes no sense in light of these testimonials. The Vatican would have us believe the fulfillment of the "vision” was the “pope in white" in the 1981 assassination attempt on John Paul II (A Lie). Why would the third secret of Fatima be clearer in 1960? Well, it was on Jan. 25, 1959 that John XXIII announced that he had a special inspiration to suddenly call a new ecumenical council; this council would turn out to be Vatican II. I believe the calling of this council in 1959 is the reason that Our Blessed Mother requested the third secret of Fatima to be revealed by 1960. I also believe Our Lady was directly warning us of the apostasy that would result from this council. Truly, the only major sign that had occurred by 1960, in regard to the tremendous apostasy we are now living through that would makes things “clearer,” was that John XXIII had announced his intention to call a new council in 1959.

Canon Galamba: “When the bishop refused to open the letter, Lucy made him promise that it would definitely be opened and read to the world either at her death or in 1960, whichever would come first.” (La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima, Fr. Joaquin Alonso, Spanish Edition, pp. 46-47)

John Haffert: “At the bishop’s house (in Leiria), I sat at the table on his right, with the four Canons. During that first dinner, Canon Jose Galamba de Oliveira turned to me when the bishop had left the room momentarily and asked: “Why don’t you ask the bishop to open the Secret?” Endeavoring not to show my ignorance concerning Fatima—which at that time was almost complete—I simply looked at him without expression. He continued: "The bishop can open the Secret. He doesn’t have to wait until 1960.” (Dear Bishop! John Haffert, AMI 1981, pp. 3-4)

Cardinal Cerejeira: In February 1960 the Patriarch of Lisbon reported the directions which the Bishop of Leiria “has passed on to him” on the subject of the Third Secret: “Bishop da Silva enclosed (the envelope sealed by Lucy) in another envelope on which he indicated that the letter had to be opened in 1960 by himself, Bishop Jose Correia da Silva, if he was still alive, or if not, by the Cardinal Patriarch of Lisbon.” (Novidades, February 24, 1960, quoted by La Documentation catholique, June 19, 1960, col. 751)

Canon Barthas: During his conversations with Sister Lucy on October 17-18, 1946, he had the opportunity to question her on the Third Secret. He writes: “When will the third element of the Secret be revealed to us?” Already in 1946, to this question Lucy and the Bishop of Leiria answered me uniformly, without hesitation and without comment: “In 1960.” And when I pushed my audacity so far as to ask why it was necessary to wait until then, the only response I received from either one was: “Because the Blessed Virgin wishes it so.” (Barthas, Fatima, merveille du XXe siecle, p. 83. Fatima-editions, 1952)

The Armstrongs: On May 14, 1953, Lucy received a visit from the Armstrongs, who were able to question her on the third Secret. In their account published in 1955, they confirmed that the third Secret “had to be opened and divulged in 1960.” (A. O. Armstrong, Fatima, pilgrimage to peace, The World’s Work, Kingswood, Surrey, 1955)

Cardinal Ottaviani: On May 17, 1955, Cardinal Ottaviani, Pro-Prefect of the Holy Office, came to the Carmel of Saint Teresa at Coimbra. He interrogated Lucy on the third Secret; and in his conference of 1967 recalled: “The message was not to be opened before 1960. I asked Sister Lucy, ‘Why this date?’ She answered, ‘Because then it will seem clearer (mais claro).’” (La Documentation catholique, March 19, 1967, col. 542)

Father Joaquin Alonso, official archivist of Fatima: “Other bishops also spoke—and with authority—about the year 1960 as the date indicated for opening the famous letter. Thus, when the then titular Bishop of Tiava, and Auxiliary Bishop of Lisbon asked Lucy when the Secret was to be opened, he always received the same answer: in 1960.” (La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima, Fr. Joaquin Alonso, Spanish Edition, p. 46)

Father Joaquin Alonso: “When Don Jose, the first Bishop of Leiria, and Sister Lucy agreed that the letter was to be opened in 1960, they obviously meant that its contents should be made public for the good of the Church and the world.” (ibid., p. 54)

Bishop Venancio: “I think that the letter will not be opened before 1960. Sister Lucy had asked that it should not be opened before her death, or not before 1960. We are now in 1959 and Sister Lucy is in good health.” (La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima, Fr. Joaquin Alonso, Spanish Edition, p. 46)

Father Fuentes: Father Fuentes interviewed Sister Lucy on December 26, 1957, who told him: “Father, the Most Holy Virgin is very sad because no one has paid attention to Her Message, neither the good nor the bad. The good continue on their way but without giving any importance to Her Message… I am still not able to give any other details because it is still a secret. According to the will of the Most Holy Virgin, only the Holy Father and the Bishop of Fatima are permitted to know the Secret, but they have chosen not to know it so that they would not be influenced. This is the third part [third Secret] of the Message of Our Lady which will remain secret until 1960.” (La Verdad sobre el Secreto de Fatima, Fr. Joaquin Alonso, Spanish Edition, p. 103-104)

F. Stein: “The testimonies which have announced the revelation of the Secret for 1960 are of such weight and so numerous that in our opinion, even if the ecclesiastical authorities of Fatima [in 1959 the experts themselves were still unaware that Rome had taken the Secret from the Bishop of Leiria over two years previously] had not yet resolved to publish the Secret in 1960, they would now see themselves forced to do so by the circumstances.” (Mensagem de Fatima, July-August, 1959)

Father Dias Coelho: “… we can use, as an unquestionable fact, this assertion of Dr. Galamba de Oliveira (in 1953) in Fatima, Altar do Mundo: ‘The third part of the Secret was sealed in the hands of His Grace the Bishop of Leiria, and will be opened either after the seer’s death or at the latest in 1960.’” (L’Homme Nouveau, No. 269, November 22, 1959)


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Re: Third Secret Of Fatima?

Post  George Brenner on Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:15 am

Thank you very much Fatima for Our Times. With your name this does deserve its on thread... Much to say but first.........

For those who have not forgot how to cry

Mercy Mercy Me



George Brenner
George Brenner

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Re: Third Secret Of Fatima?

Post  George Brenner on Mon Jan 30, 2012 3:47 pm

As the Pope has told us, the Sun is setting on Civilization. The Third Secret of Fatima is for our Time right now and appears non reversible unless we act. Due your own due diligence , talk with friends, neighbors, family, anyone. Speak with charity. How many Catholics are really left on the face of the Earth? A mere remnant! Our Bishop's motto is Charity through Truth. That must always be the case. One without the other is useless, hollow and will bear no fruit. Who is responsible for Catholic positions on Faith and Doctrine? Who is responsible to teach the faith? Church and Family? Who has been to concerned with Social issues the last half century at the expense of ongoing solid teaching truth? What comes first Souls or Money? What has come first the last half Century? Did many warn us about this? Did the Blessed Mother warn us? What did we do? It is very good that at almost the midnight hour we are now taking a firm stand against the pending healthcare that so many in the Church supported and still support as great social justice. Is it too late? No Is it very close too being to late? Yes. More in my next Open Letter to God.

TRAGIC FINDINGS;_ylu=X3oDMTEyMDBkbnFzBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDMwRjb2xvA2FjMgR2dGlkA0RGUjVfNzU-/SIG=12s5mphl3/EXP=1327978053/**http%3a//

WASHINGTON (CNS) March, 2009—Telephone polling of Catholics and non-Catholics over three years shows the degree of difference between the two groups on abortion, the death penalty and other moral issues about which the Catholic Church has spoken.

According to figures released March 30 by the Gallup Organization in Princeton, N.J., only on the abortion issue did a minority of Catholics overall find it acceptable—a40 percent compared to 41 percent for non-Catholics.

The only other moral issue which Catholics overall found less acceptable than non-Catholics was the death penalty, but substantial majorities—61 percent of Catholics and 68 percent of non-Catholics—still found capital punishment morally acceptable.

Besides abortion and the death penalty, other moral issues covered by the polling included sex outside marriage, divorce, gambling, homosexual activity and having a baby outside of wedlock.

The polling figures were taken from Gallup's 2006, 2007 and 2008 Values and Beliefs surveys, in which 3,022 respondents were polled. The margin of error is plus or minus 2 percentage points, which means that Gallup has a 95 percent degree of confidence that, were the survey to be repeated, the results would be within 2 percentage points of the current results.

Even when separated from Catholics and non-Catholics who attend church regularly, a majority of Catholics polled found a majority of the issues raised to be morally acceptable—and, with the exception of the death penalty, declared the issues to be more morally acceptable than their non-Catholic counterparts.

On the issue of embryonic stem-cell research, 63 percent of Catholics overall believe the practice to be morally acceptable, compared to 62 percent of non-Catholics. Among regular churchgoers, 53 percent of Catholics approve of it while 45 percent of non-Catholics do.

Catholics tended to find other practices to be morally acceptable as well:

- Sex between an unmarried man and woman: 67 percent of all Catholics and 57 percent of all non-Catholics said it was acceptable; among regular churchgoers, 53 percent of Catholics and 30 percent of non-Catholics said it was acceptable.

- Divorce: 71 percent of all Catholics, 67 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 63 percent of Catholics, 46 percent of non-Catholics.

- Having a baby outside marriage: 61 percent of all Catholics, 52 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 48 percent of Catholics, 29 percent of non-Catholics.

- Gambling: 72 percent of all Catholics, 59 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 67 percent of Catholics, 40 percent of non-Catholics.
- Homosexual relations: 54 percent of all Catholics, 45 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 44 percent of Catholics, 21 percent of non-Catholics.

- Abortion: 40 percent of all Catholics, 41 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 24 percent of Catholics, 19 percent of non-Catholics.

- Capital punishment: 61 percent of all Catholics, 68 percent of all non-Catholics; among regular churchgoers, 52 percent of Catholics, 69 percent of non-Catholics.

The Gallup results mirror a poll taken last fall by the Knights of Columbus in that churchgoing Catholics tended to favor the church's teaching on moral issues more than nonpracticing Catholics, although the two polls did not always cover the same issues.

George Brenner
George Brenner

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Re: Third Secret Of Fatima?

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