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Novena to ST. Anthony Mary Claret

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Novena to ST. Anthony Mary Claret

Post  George Brenner on Sat Feb 04, 2012 6:27 pm

V. In the Name ✠ of the Father...
R. Amen.
V. O holy St. Anthony Mary Claret,
R. Thou hadst Christ living in thee; * make my heart burn with
thy zeal; with the fire of God’s love! * With sincere
veneration, I come to thee, O glorious and powerful
intercessor. * Thou art a great friend of God, a model of
purity, of zeal, and of justice. * During thy life on earth thou
wast a heroic bishop: * thou defended the Pope and Church
against her enemies, reformed thy clergy, sanctified thy flock,
catechized the faithful, converted heretics and pagans, offered
solace to the afflicted, compassion to the sick, alms for the
poor, and encouragement to all those seeking holiness. *
Guide me and all who are dear to me * and beg God to give
our world the truth and light, peace and justice, faith, hope
and charity we so sorely need.

V. O Virgin Mother of God,
R. Mother and advocate of poor and unhappy sinners, * thou art well aware that I am thine, *
form me in the furnace of thy mercy and love. * Make me like unto an arrow poised in thy
mighty hand. * Release me, my Mother, with the full force of thy arm against the impious,
sacrilegious and cruel Ahab, wed to the base Jezebel. * I mean to say: release me against
Satan, the prince of this world, * who has made an alliance with the flesh. * May the victory
be thine, my Mother; thou shalt overcome. * Yes, thou hast the power to end all heresies,
errors and vices. * And so, trusting in thy most powerful protection * I begin to do battle not
only against flesh and blood, but against the rulers of darkness, as the Apostle says, * taking
up the shield of the Holy Rosary and armed with the two-edged sword of God’s word.
V. Thou art the Queen of Angels,
R. Command them, my Mother, to come to my aid. * Surely, thou knowest how week I am and
how strong my enemies are.
V. Thou art the Queen of Saints,
R. Command them to pray for me * and tell them that the victory and triumph to be won will be
for God’s greater glory and the salvation of souls.
V. O sovereign and great Lady,
R. Through thy humility, crush the pride of Lucifer and his followers who have the audacity to
claim the souls redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ (bow head), the Son of thy virginal

V. O holy St. Anthony Mary Claret,
R. Intercede with God and obtain for me a true awareness of my
sins and deep repentance, * a burning love for Jesus and Mary,
* steadfast obedience to the commandments of God, * and the
faithful performance of the duties of my state in life. * Take my
troubles to heart. * Help me particularly in my present need:
(mention intention)
V. O holy St. Anthony Mary Claret,
R. Save me from all danger during life, visible and invisible. *
And help me at the hour of my death so that I may safely reach
heaven, * there to praise the Blessed Trinity with thee, forever
and ever. Amen.

V. Who is like God? ----------------------------------------------R. Who is like Jesus Christ? (bow head)
V. Who is like Mary, Virgin and Mother of God? R. Who is like the angels in heaven?
V. Who is like the saints in glory? --------------------------R. Who is like the just upon earth?
V. Long live Jesus Christ! (bow head) R. Long live Mary Most Holy!
V. Long live the holy Law of God! ---------------------------R.. Long live the holy evangelical counsels!
V. Long live the holy Sacraments of the Church! R. Long live the holy Sacrifice of the Mass!
V. Long live the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar! ------R. Long live the Holy Rosary of Mary!
V. Long live the Grace of God! R.. Long live the Christian virtues!
V. Long live the works of mercy! ----------------------------R. Death to vices, faults, and sins!
V. Let us pray. O God, with the virtues of an apostle Thou didst exalt blessed Anthony
Mary, and through him build in Thy Church new religious congregations of men and
women: grant, we pray, that led by his counsels and helped by his prayers, we may
unremittingly work for the salvation of souls. We ask this through Christ our Lord.
R. Amen.
V. In the Name ✠ of the Father...
R. Amen

Suggested Requests:
(1) We beseech Thee O God to send El Paso and Las Cruces holy and courageous bishops who will promote and
defend the Catholic Faith, shepherding their flocks in charity and truth.
(2) We beg Thee for the restoration & growth of traditional Catholic parish life in El Paso & Las Cruces.
(3) And implore Thy intercession for the return of Fr. Rodriguez to El Paso, Texas.

George Brenner

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Re: Novena to ST. Anthony Mary Claret

Post  columba on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:03 pm

Thank you George.
A powerful prayer for sure.

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Re: Novena to ST. Anthony Mary Claret

Post  MRyan on Sat Feb 04, 2012 8:16 pm

Powerful indeed; thank you.

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Re: Novena to ST. Anthony Mary Claret

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