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Roman Catholic Womanpriests

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Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  MRyan on Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:43 am

OK, this is posted under the "Crisis in the Church" sub-forum, it should be posted under the "Joke" sub-forum.

Andrea M. Johnson was ordained a Roman Catholic Womanpriest in 2007 and bishop in 2009. She has worked for many years as a religious educator at the adult and secondary levels. Her particular interest is ministry with marginalized and underserved Catholics.

In the last 10 years the Vatican has had to contend with a particularly indomitable group of women who seem to be unaffected by excommunication or other punishment offered by the church. The movement started when seven women were ordained by three Roman Catholic bishops aboard a ship on the Danube River in 2002. The women claimed their ordinations were valid because they conformed to the doctrine of “apostolic succession.” The group that grew out of that occasion calls itself Roman Catholic Womenpriests. There are now more than 100 ordained women priests and 11 bishops.
And who were these three Roman Catholic bishops who supposedly ordained these women? Rómulo Antonio Braschi is one, who is described online as an “independent” bishop: (

He was ordained as a bishop in Munich by Roberto Garrido Padin, a bishop of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church, and Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer, a German bishop of the Free Catholic Church.
Perhaps "bishop" Braschi does Confirmations? Laughing

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

The Free Catholic Church is a German derivative movement of the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.

Church background

In 1937 the Roman Catholic bishop Carlos Duarte Costa - and his diocese of Botucatu, Brazil - severed ties with the Vatican.[1] The bishop was excommunicated in 1945 after he accused the Vatican of having collaborated with the national socialists (Nazis) and fascists.[2] He then founded the Igreja Católica Apostólica Brasileira (Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church). In 1949 the church was brought to Germany by the future Archbishop Johannes Peter Meyer-Mendez where it was registered as the Free Catholic Church ("Freikatholische Kirche").

After the death of Archbishop Meyer-Mendez, his successor Georg Fröbrich, later Archbishop Hilarios Karl-Heinz Ungerer, transferred the seat of the archbishop, i.e. the principal seat, from Cologne to Munich, the capital of Bavaria. Archbishop Ungerer also was temporarily conductor of the now vacant Kustodie der Mariaviten in Bayern - founded by Archbishop Maria Paulus Norbert Maas - until his successful bid for demission[3] of bishop's duties in 1978.

In September 1972, Bishop Ungerer rented a shop for a "shop church", which became the Free Catholic Shop Church at 25 Thalkirchner Strasse in Munich, as was the fashion in some big towns at that time. Over the next 25 years he endeavoured to integrate marginal groups into the church.


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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  MRyan on Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:46 am

Altar Girls, Nuns, the Girl Scouts – and Me

July 9, 2012 by Johanna.

A diocese bans girls from serving at the altar. The United States Conference of Catholics Bishops investigates the Girl Scouts of the USA. The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith investigates American nuns and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious.

Madness, isn’t it? Little girls and nuns? At first, I thought so, too, but the more time I’ve had to reflect on it, the more it begins to make sense to me. You see, I was an altar server, a Girl Scout who earned her Silver Award (Girl Scouting’s second highest honor), and was educated and mentored by women religious – and now, I serve on Women’s Ordination Conference’s board of directors. Maybe they’re onto something.

My earliest memories of church were at our small parish, St. Anthony’s in Pine Plains, NY. My mother was a Eucharistic minister, and my grandmother was a lector. “Jama,” as I called her when I was small, would often let me walk up and down the aisle with her. I knew that as soon as I made my first communion, my place was on the altar with them. After all, it was the early nineties, and even Barbie said, ”We girls can do anything!” I loved the solemnity of my role, washing the priest’s hands and ringing the bells as the host was lifted. It was the small way that I, as a little girl, could contribute to the divine sacrifice of the Eucharist.

I started my love affair with the Girl Scouts as a Brownie in first grade, proudly displaying my “Try-It” badges on my sash. My years in the Girl Scouts taught me what you would expect: sewing, camping skills, and entrepreneurship (yes, selling cookies, setting goals, and managing money). But my years in the Girl Scouts also introduced me to concepts like leadership within my troops, women’s history, and global citizenship through our membership in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. I became a community organizer when my Junior troop organized a food collection for our local pantry as an alternative to trick-or-treating. I learned about service collecting baby items and assembling gift baskets for families in need as part of my Silver Award project. And through it all, I learned that even though I was “just a girl,” I had the power to make positive change in the world.

When I moved to St. Joseph, MN to attend the College of Saint Benedict, it was the first time that women religious became a part of my daily life. Sisters were residence directors, professors, and campus ministers. They shared their chapel with us for our student mass, and this was where I first saw women leading prayers and Eucharistic services. As I struggled with my Catholic identity, the sisters were always there with me, welcoming, challenging, and sharing my journey. They taught me through their examples about faithfulness to the Gospel while honoring one’s conscience. Their history taught me about the fearlessness and faithfulness of women throughout the history of the Church, serving the needs of their communities without waiting for permission from the hierarchy.

These three experiences left their mark on me as I grew, influencing the person I am today. I am a Catholic, but I am equally a feminist. I can point to moments as an altar server, as a Girl Scout, and with women religious that pointed me to the beauty of the divine and my worth as a girl. This knowledge, of the dignity of women before the divine, is subversive knowledge – it is the knowledge that calls me and many others to demand equality in both the church and the world. It is this knowledge that informs my conscience as I work for women’s ordination in an inclusive Roman Catholic Church.

Johanna Hatch currently serves as Co-President of the Women’s Ordination Conference Board of Directors. She lives in Verona, WI with her family.

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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  columba on Wed Oct 03, 2012 2:01 pm

What can one say?

Tertullian's words come to mind.

“What I have now done is only a little sport before the real combat. I have rather indicated the wounds that might be given you than inflicted any. If the reader has met with passages which have excited his risibility, he must ascribe this to the subjects themselves. There are many things which deserve to be held up in this way to ridicule and mockery, lest, by a serious refutation, we should attach a weight to them which they do not deserve. Nothing is more due to vanity than laughter; and it is the Truth properly that has a right to laugh, because she is cheerful, and to make sport of her enemies, because she is sure of the victory. Care must be taken, indeed, that the raillery is not too low, and unworthy of the truth; but, keeping this in view, when ridicule may be employed with effect, it is a duty to avail ourselves of it.” ... “To treat them seriously would be to sanction them.”

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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  MRyan on Wed Oct 03, 2012 3:13 pm

columba wrote:What can one say?

Tertullian's words come to mind.

“To treat them seriously would be to sanction them.”


"On the Prescription of Heretics" 41:(c.200 AD):

"The women of these heretics, how wanton they are! They dare to teach, to dispute, to carry out exorcisms, to undertake cures, it may be even to baptize. Their ordinations carelessly done, capricious changeable. At one time they put novices in office, at another time, men who are bound to some secular work; at another, persons who have apostatized from us, to bind them by vain glory.... Nowhere is promotion easier than in the camp of the rebels, where the mere fact of being there is a great service. And so it happens that today one man is their bishop;tomorrow another; today he is a deacon who tomorrow is a lector; today he is a presbyter who tomorrow will be a layman."

"On Veiling virgins" 9.1. c. 206 AD:

It is not allowed to a woman to speak in the church nor to teach, baptize, offer, or claim for herself any function proper to a man, and least of all the office of priest."
Btw, the "ordinations" of which he speaks is placed into context by St. Epiphanius, "Against Heresies" 79 3-4: (374-77 AD):

We come to the New Testament. If women were ordained to be priests for God, or to do anything canonical in the church, it should rather have been given to Mary in the New Testament.... But it was decided differently. She was not even entrusted with baptizing. [after mentioning successions of apostles and priests] but nowhere was a woman established among them. There were four daughters of the evangelist Philip, who were prophetesses, but not priests. ....Although there is an order of deaconesses in the Church, yet they are not appointed to function as priests or for any administration of this kind, but so that provision may be made for the propriety of the female sex...." [at baptism etc.] Whence comes the recent myth? Whence comes the pride of women, or rather, the woman's insanity? (

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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  RememberGethsemane on Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:47 am

I can't help thinking that if she was blessed with really good looks and the body of a Hollywood starlet she would never have become a 'priest' or 'bishop' - She would have become an actress... just an identity search for some kind of glory methinks so everyone can see her.


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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

Post  pascendi on Mon Oct 08, 2012 9:35 am

She is dressed immodestly. In the truest sense.


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Re: Roman Catholic Womanpriests

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