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Fund,Catholic organisation needed to help Catholic priests in Italy like Fr. Alessandro Minutella

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Fund,Catholic organisation needed to help Catholic priests in Italy like Fr. Alessandro Minutella

Post  Lionel L. Andrades on Sun Dec 10, 2017 7:52 am

DECEMBER 3, 2017

Fund,Catholic organisation needed to help Catholic priests in Italy like Fr. Alessandro Minutella

A Fund and/or a Catholic organization is needed to help Catholic priests who are discriminated by the Vatican or the secular authorities because of their Catholic faith.They need to be helped with the living and accommodation expenses and the ability to pay for a canon or secular lawyer.
There is the case of Fr.Alessandro M.Minutella before us.
Fr.Alessandro accepts Pope Francis as the pope and has informed the Vatican in writing about this.He promises to be faithful to the pope except in heresy and support for a false church.When the pope is not faithful to the past magisterium he rejects it.He has praised Pope John Paul II , Pope Benedict and Cardinal Gerhard Muller.
However he has been possibly excommunicated without receiving a formal letter of the specific charges.He was also suspended a divinis a few months back by Archbishop Corrado Lorefice the Archbishop of Palermo, who told the priest that he was not suspended a divinis but had to remain silent.Again there was nothing in writing.

For the Vatican and the Archbishop of Palermo there will be no financial assistance given to Fr. Alessandro Minutella, a former Parish Priest in Palermo.He has to earn his living in the secular world or live on the streets and alms.
Over the last few months he was living alone and at times his life was in danger he said on Radio Domina.
He would also need funds to hire a canon lawyer who can show how it is really Archbishop Corrado Lorefice who is in manifest heresy in theology and doctrines.He is automatically excommunicated and so his suspensions and excommunications are invalid.According to Canon Law a bishop must affirm the teachings of the Catholic Church according to Tradition and not the Masons.When the magisterium follows the Masons a priest is obliged to resist.
Unlike the Muslims in Italy who have free legal counsel, set up by Muslim organizations, there are no such organizations to help Catholics on a similar big scale.Catholics cannot defend themselves from leftist laws and politics within and outside the Church.
The secular offices for non discrimination, racism etc in Italy, handle only discrimination against leftists and liberals.A practising Catholic cannot approach them.
In the USA there are organizations to help Christians discriminated by pro-Satan secular laws.The same is needed in Italy.

Caritas Italy is a secular organization now, unlike in the past.At the centres for the poor and homeless,where I have lived in Rome, most of their Responsibles( Assistante Sociale) are Muslims.Many of them are committed to Islamic values which oppose Catholic beliefs and those who hold them.Though educated and naturalized citizens, they talk about the need for tolerance but believe a non Muslim should be killed or beaten for affirming his Catholic faith,negating other religions as being paths to salvation, including Islamism.There is no tolerance but collective discrimination supported by Satanic secularism.Satanic secularism is oppose Jesus and all Christians.Fr.Alessandro would be persecuted if he lived at a Caritas centre in Rome.
He affirms outside the Church there is no salvation but does it without the support of Vatican Council II, unlike me. For me Vatican Council II is not a rupture with the past exclusivist ecclesiology since LG 16 etc refer to hypothetical cases.Invisible people cannot be exceptions to all needing to be members of the Church for salvation(to avoid Hell).For me possibilities are invisible cases in the present times. Being saved in invincible ignorance etc can be accepted theologically but not projected as an exception to Feeneyite Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus.
What I believe as a Catholic is now public and can be read on the Internet.For me all non Catholics, including their religious leaders, past and present, are Hell -bound.Those who die without 'faith and baptism'(AG 7) in the Catholic Church are eternally lost. This is Vatican Council II and not being a Lefbrvist.Those who affirm AG 7 with LG 16 not being an exception would not be welcome for the leftists united with the Muslims.
There now are small and large 'no go zones' in Rome.If a priest affirms the strict interpretation of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus in public, the Feeneyite version and not the irrational Cushingite version, they will start stalking him too.Homilies at churches in Rome are monitored.
Fr.Alessandro Minutella was prepared for his persecution, by Our Lady.He chose not to be 'prudent'.I think this is what she may have asked of him.He is now at the receiving end of the bias and persecution during this pontificate and there is no Catholic organization in Italy to help him financially.-Lionel Andrades

DECEMBER 2, 2017
Fr.Alessandro M. Minutella and laity in Palermo could contact a Catholic judge for guidance

DECEMBER 2, 2017
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DECEMBER 2, 2017
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DECEMBER 2, 2017
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DECEMBER 2, 2017
Reposts :Present pontificate has put aside Canon Law.Otherwise two popes and Abp.Corrado Lorefice could be accused of heresy


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